Monday June 3rd, 2024

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The Diaries Of A Spirit Junkie

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Hey there beautiful souls !

The card today is “Loving is its own reward.”
The very act of loving is the benefit of the risk.
We all want to be loved back. We all want to be supported and cared for.
But when you grow up,
you see that it has nothing to do with how the person who receives your love reacts
but that it is all about you just being willing to open your heart in this dangerous world.
Be a metaphysical gangster and love the fu*k out of someone today.
And expect NOTHING in return.

Giving love shouldn’t come with received expectations.
Giving love should give you the joy, happiness, and heartfelt kindness
that radiates through your body and into your physical reality.
when you give love, you get love back.
It MAY NOT be from the person you expect it from,
But that’s the beauty of this journey, its unknown, until it’s not !
Trust the universe, trust your path, and trust yourself.
if we can hate someone for no reason, we can love some one for no reason too.

blabber about my day/updates on sassy spirit junkie
Today is a boring day, not much happening or going on.
Yesterday I spent the evening with the family cleaning up the yard and setting up the gazebo.
it was pretty productive, and tomorrow is the dump run day – Throw out all that toxicity !
Today I don’t have any solid plans as to what is happening.
I would love to have solid plans all month long to keep me going and keep things interesting.
Except it’s been 8 months since I’ve had any friends (LOSER ALERT)
No one tells you how lonely the spiritual journey is.
Until you find yourself estranged.

3 things I’m grateful for today
Internet access.
The ability to start new each day.
Having someone to pick up garbage.

Stay sassy,
stay spirited,
and keep believing in your magic. 
Love Always,