Sunday June 2nd, 2024

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The Diaries Of A Spirit Junkie

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Hey there beautiful souls !

The card today is “The Present Moment is A-Fu*king-Mazing.”

Open your eyeballs and look around, even if you happen to be in the sh!ttiest of times,
there’s always something beautiful to notice, even in this very second.
it could be a compliment someone has given you that made the world more beautiful.
It could be tiny baby hands, have you ever looked at tiny baby hands !? they are adult hands, only super tiny ! That’s beautiful !
It would be the blue sky with fluffy clouds and a gorgeous bright shining sun, the heat of the rays just making you warm and happy ! BEAUTIFUL.
It could be the simple task that you took a breath when you didn’t think you’d be able to do that today, you did it !

Now in every moment, focus on the good, the wonderful, the happy, the beautiful.
Don’t let yourself get pulled down by the negativity, yeah there’s lots of that out there too,
but stay focused on the good, because the things you put your attention on GROW.

Ever get a new car, or think of getting a new car ?
And then suddenly EVERYWHERE you look you see the car you want ?
Once something enters into your thoughts, it becomes created in your reality.
So ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS… remember what Peter Pan says
“Think happy thoughts.”

blabber about my day/updates on sassy spirit junkie
I’m beginning to see patterns in my life that I would greatly like to change.
Patterns of a messed up circadian cycle, patterns of boredom,
I’d rather sleep all day long recently than be awake.
I’m tired of being awake.
I know I should focus on the positive, like the card above indicated.

3 things I’m grateful for today
My comfy bed and pillows.
Being awake to eat, cause I love food.
Everything has
an ending followed by a new beginning.

Stay sassy,
stay spirited,
and keep believing in your magic. 
Love Always,