Friday May 31st, 2024

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The Diaries Of A Spirit Junkie

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Our beliefs shape our reality.
If we believe we’re a rock star, flaunting our sh!t on the stage of life, guess what ?
we’ll radiate that confidence and energy outward into our physical reality.
If we’re constantly telling ourselves negative thoughts, like: I can’t or won’t be able to do something,
we radiate that negativity outward into our physical reality.

Our minds are a powerful tool.
Our beliefs are like the GPS of our soul, guiding us towards our dreams or steering us into a ditch. So, let’s make sure your inner GPS is programmed for awesomeness today !

Start by feeding your mind with positive affirmations, surround yourself with uplifting vibes, and remember – you have the power to rewrite your story.
Believe in your magic, your strength, and your beauty.
The universe is your stage, and it’s time to shine, bay-bee !

So next time you catch yourself in a negative thought spiral, hit pause, take a deep breath, and channel your inner rock star.
You are a product of what you believe – so believe in the fabulous, unstoppable, radiant being that you are !

blabber about my day/updates on sassy spirit junkie

It was definitely a slow rising day for me as I slept in so hard, despite the weather being beautiful and sunny out.
Once I got going things began to flow more effectively (outside of having all 4 children at home, since I slept in they missed the school bus, oops.)
Distracting my eleven year old children with Virtual reality and an iPad, and distracting the youngest with play forts, snacks, and a movie I have been able to successfully sneak away to my office and begin working on this website. I’m in high hopes to get it fully functioning very soon !
as for now, what you see is what you get ! (and currently, it ain’t too much – so please bear with me one this one. lol)
I have so much on the go with so many ideas I begin on one, and before even finishing what I’ve began, I jump to a new project or an extension to what I’m in basic level foundation of creating, and ultimately forget about its existence *oops…again.*
I’ve figured I would focus on a numerology course. Once you know numerology Tarot is an easier language to understand, as each tarot card is associated with a number. Then once you get the understanding of numerology, and develop energy reading from the tarot, oracles are a piece of cake (and many people actually prefer working with oracle decks vs Tarot decks.) So I should focus on the numerology. put that out, extension into tarot/oracle
Wham bam, figured it out – Expect the Numerology course soon ! trolleying on…

3 things I’m grateful for today
My night stand candy stash.
My strong and loving relationships.
My ability to learn new things quickly.


Stay sassy,
and keep believing in your
Love Always,