Tuesday June 4th 2024

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The Diaries Of A Spirit Junkie

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The card today is “Worrying is a negative prayer.”

You don’t need any of that kind of angsty nail-biting bs today.
If you happen to catch yourself worrying about something.
Take a deep breath,
and ask the universe for what you really WANT.
Not what you don’t want.
Remember how the other day we talked about creating our realities,
and focusing on the positive to create more of it ?
Same deal here.
The universe always lets you change your mind
(hints the roller coaster of ups and downs.
We will have a high moment of joy and excitement,
(we have a moment of worry or doubt – “oh no, this wont last.”
“whenever something good happens, something bad isn’t far behind.”)
then something happens to disrupt our peace.
(We re-center, find our flow and lesson (everything happens for a reason) and tell ourselves
“we can do this we have done it once before !”
We have another moment of joy and excitement.

When we have thoughts of wanting or desire the universe shifts its course
in order to make us happy.
The universe also shifts its course each time we do,
As its purpose is to follow our lead.
This is why it is so incredibly important to remember to let go of worry.
as worry is just requesting for bad things to happen.

Bad things happening isn’t guaranteed, yet we stress ourselves out over it.
all for what ?

Take your breath,
Tell the universe where you’re going,
And don’t sway from your path 😉

Today is your day,

blabber about my day/updates on sassy spirit junkie
Today is a great day.
The garbage has been picked up,
The kids made it off to school,
The little guy and I snuggled while watching some Loud House
(until he snuck away when I fell asleep)
It is raining out today, which is unfortunate as the kids wanted to play in the sprinkler.
But I guess rain is just natures sprinkler right ?

I’m still plugging away at this website to get it fully up and functioning,
Where all the links work and actually bring you where you’re meant to be.
Eventually it will all get completed !
Its just a process lol.

3 things I’m grateful for today
The smell of rain.
Making easy lunches
Having a clean yard !

Stay sassy,
stay spirited,
and keep believing in your magic. 
Love Always,